Physiotherapist Theresia Kellermayr

Gemeinschaftspraxis Octopus

Laimburggasse 19 (in the courtyard), 8010 Graz

Tel.: +43 (0) 680 5554497

Email: theresia(at)

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Spinal problems (chronic or acute; herniated disc, problems with the lumbar, thoracic or cervical spine); 

Whiplash injuries

Referred pain into arms or legs

Problems with the temporomandibular joint


Any injuries (bone fractures, ruptures of ligaments, injuries of joints, connective tissue injuries,...)


General postoperative problems (weakness, breathlessness,...)

Joint prosthesis (hip, knee, shoulder)

Arthroscopies (knee, shoulder)

Instabilities of joints

Things are in a state of flux

Only an individual and detailed examination ensures a successful and long-term improvement of your complaints. Therefore, after taking a short medical history, I examine all relevant structures and explain you the findings and the planned procedure based on your personal goals in our first appointment.

Due to this thorough examination, even complex problems can be identified and efficiently treated.

My treatment is based on scientific evidence and clinical experience (hands on techniques and specific exercises) by which pain is reduced quickly and also managed on the long term.

During the physiotherapy sessions you will be provided with various strategies to maintain the achieved goals even after discharge.

I place a large emphasis on patient advice and education as I believe that activity modification and activity management are crucial for the treatment of most problems.


There is a variety of tools which support the therapy in our practice:

barbells, weights, coordination discs, resistance bands, fascia rollers, kinesio tapes,...