Do you need a referral?

In Austria it is a legal requirement to have a doctor´s referral to receive a refund from health insurance for physiotherapy for injury or illness.

The referral should have "Physiotherapy" written on it, along with the type of treatment, the number of treatments and duration of treatments. For example a typical referral might say, "7x Heilgymnastik 30min, 7x Heilmassage".

You do not need a referral, however, if the treatment is for preventative purposes, for instance if it is part of a personal training programme. But without a referral your insurance will not refund the costs.

Approval by your insurance

If you are insured with GKK Steiermark, BVA or SVG you just need a referral from your general pratitioner or a specialist, if you have not had treatments for the last 13 weeks.

If you have had physiotherapy within the last 13 weeks, or if you have a different health insurer from the ones listed above, you need to have a referral approved by a doctor from your insurance agency before beginning physiotherapy.

Refund from your insurance

With an appropriate doctor´s referral you can claim back between 30% and 100% of the costs, depending on your health insurance and on your private insurance.

Fail to attend or cancel an appointment

Appointments cancelled or changed more than 24 hours in advance will not incur a charge.

Appointments cancelled or changed within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment will be charged as a normal.

More information in the AGB.